Educational Path

A Waldorf Teacher constantly travels an ongoing path of enlightenment, growth, transformation, and most importantly, „becoming“. The task is to understand one’s self in this process… and out of this movement, to comprehend the nature of the child, the growing human being as undergoing a similar yet different process of growth and becoming.

The Waldorf Institute of the Great Lakes creates opportunities for a human being to discover the dynamic of „self becoming“. The Institute creates a panorama of human and cosmic development that reveal an evolution of consciousness and its reflection in human societies. The Institute brings this path of development and becoming to a new educational task for our times ­ the task and vocation of a Waldorf teacher.

Your path begins here, by reading our brochure or online information. If your interest is piqued, you are ready to go on to the application process.

Upon completion, an interview with the director is scheduled and you will sign up for classes. Once they begin, your path continues. The courses present a wonderful array of opportunities to build a philosophical understanding and an artistic practice taken in concert with a group of others who are also on the path toward becoming a Waldorf Teacher. Thus, there is a social context which is part of the process. Classroom observations and practice teaching are integrated into your program along with mentoring by Institute faculty. This prepares you for the day you will stand, as a Waldorf Teacher, in front of a group of children taking them on their own path of education, growth and becoming.