A Sun Center — Radiating the spirit and well being of all that strive to create a thoughtful, artistic and healthy world in the light of the work of Rudolf Steiner.

Waldorf Education is an education for our time which is based on a spiritual understanding of human beings and their place in the universe. It makes profound demands on the intellectual, artistic and moral capacities of the teacher. Waldorf Teacher Education is an education towards responsibility, freedom and human dignity. Through the understanding of the stages of child and adult development, studies in evolution of consciousness, artistic practices, and through self-examination and critique, the prospective teacher begins to develop the capacities necessary to work within the classroom.

The Waldorf Institute of the Great Lakes, formerly the Waldorf Teacher Development Association (WTDA), founded in 1991, offers courses in anthroposophical studies, artistic work and Waldorf education courses for prospective elementary teachers. We also offer general Adult Education courses for those interested in deepening their study of the arts and Anthroposophy, Rudolf Steiner’s philosophy of creative idealism.